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Last updated: Dec 9, 2015

Gulangyu Island

The cost of the trip will be approximate ¥200 ($35) for a group of 50 people, including guided tours and entry to attractions. Attention please, if the group is less than 50 people, the cost will be higher depending on the size of the group.

Kindly Tips:
The registration fee doesn't cover the cost of city tours. You have to pay all the cost by yourself at the on-site registration desk. Thanks you very much for your understanding.

This tiny island is accessible by an eight-minute ferryboat from the downtown area. There are many well-known scenic attractions on Gulangyu surrounded by beautiful beaches. The island was the site of the foreign consular residences after Xiamen became one of the five trade ports in the 19th century. Its luxurious green-trees provide shade for the buildings of many different styles, so called as the "International Exhibition Hall of Architecture". The cultural atmosphere of the island is very attractive. Since the residence of the island have a special love for the piano, Gulangyu is also renowned as "Piano Islet". Motor vehicles (even bicycles) are forbidden on the island, hence you will enjoy the atmosphere of peace and sounds of silence there!

The Sunshine Rock is the highest place on the island, so it has become the symbol of Gulangyu. Standing at the top of the Sunshine Rock, one can see the landscape of the whole Xiamen and other small islands such as Da Dan and Xiao Dan islands.

Bright Moon Garden is built for memorizing the national hero, Zheng Chenggong and owns charming spectacle which seems to be natural canvas.

Shu Zhuang Garden, possess building style in the south of the Yangtze River in china, is private garden originally and then was donated to public.

In addition, there are thousands old villa with versatile styles. Owing to the high density of piano in island and generation of many musician and pianist own international prestige, Gulangyu is conferred the beautiful title "music island" or "piano homeland".

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