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Last updated: Dec 9, 2015

General Information of the Conference


SECM8 Conference Guide

(1)   registration

The registration site is at the lobby of Yifu Hotel in Xiamen University, starting from 9:00 am to 22:00 pm on 9 October. Late registration can be done at the conference Secretariat Office at the 2th floor of Chemistry Conference Hall before the sessions or during the breaks. The payment should be done in cash (CNY or USD).


Welcome Reception: 18:00-21:00 on 9 October, buffet at 2nd floor of Yifu Hotel Restaurant.

Buffet lunch: 12:30-14:30 from 10 October to 12 October at 2nd floor of Yifu Hotel Restaurant.

Round Table dinner: 18:00-20:00 from 11 October to 12 October at 2nd floor of Yifu Hotel Restaurant.

Banquet: 18:00-20:00 on 10 October, at Xiamen Rong Yu Hotel.


The scientific program of the conference will start in the morning on 10 October and end in the forenoon on 12 October. It consists of 15 keynotes (25 minutes), 35 invited talks (20 minutes), 8 oral presentation (15 minutes), and 1 poster session (110 minutes). The official language of the conference is English, no translation or interpreting facilities will be available.

(4)   Conference Venue

All the sessions (Opening ceremony, lectures, and closing ceremony) will be at the 2th floor of Chemistry Conference Hall in the campus of Xiamen University. The Poster Session will be held at the 2th floor of LU JIA XI Building. The locations of them are indicated in the attached maps. Please turn off your mobile phone or switch it to vibration or quiet mode in the meeting room. Photographing is prohibited during the scientific sessions.

(5)   NoteS for Speakers

The multimedia projectors will be available in the meeting room. To save your time for talk and to avoid anything unexpected, we strongly recommend you to copy your PPT files to the meeting room computer and test the compatibility at least one session before the start of your talk. Please check the announcement on the Notice Board on the day of Registration if some changes may occur. In case you want to use your own laptop, please check the compatibility of your laptop with the projector in the meeting room at least one session before the start of your one.

Due to the very tight schedule, and to ensure all the sessions can be complete on time, please leave 5 minute for discussion for the invited talks (20-30 minutes talk), and leave 3 minutes for normal oral presentation. The volunteers will give you an alarm 2 minutes before the start of the discussion time to remind you to conclude your talk.

(6)   Note for Poster Presentation

The poster size should be 90 cm (width) 120 cm (height). The poster sessions are arranged at the the 2th floor of LU JIA XI Building. Please mount your poster before your poster session, according to your poster number. Posters may be put on starting from the midday of 11 October and should be removed at the end of the poster session. Authors should be present at the poster during 16:10-18:00 on 11 October for discussion.

(7)   Note for Tours

If you want to attend the city tours and post-conference tours, you may contact the travel agency at the registration desk. The itineraries listed on the website are just for your reference.

(8)   Transportation

Going from one place to another within the city is fairly easy with over 50 public transport routes with a fare of 1~2 yuan or by taxis at a reasonable fare.

The taxi fee from airport to Xiamen University is ca. 40 yuan in the daytime and ca. 52 yuan after 11:00 pm. For participants arriving at the train station (Xiamen North Station), you can take BRT 1A to the last stop (3-4 yuan) and then take taxi to Xiamen University (ca. 12 yuan), and the taxi fee is around 80 yuan from Train station to Xiamen University. Volunteers will be arranged at the airport to guide to the taxi stand.


Dongping Zhan: TEL: +86 18959219971

(10) General Information

Name Badge

Each participant will receive upon registration a Conference Name Badge which should be worn at all the scientific and social programs. For identification, the name badge will be in different color: blue for participants, white for exhibitors, and yellow for the local organizing committee and student volunteers.


Smoking is forbidden in the public place in the city of Xiamen.


No responsibility can be assured for any kind of personal accidents, sickness, theft, or property damage suffered by conference participants. Participants are advised to arrange whatever insurance they consider it necessary.

Currency and credit cards

The unit of Chinese currency is Yuan (or RMB/CNY). The exchange rate is subject to market fluctuations. One US dollar is equivalent to approximately 6.37 RMB as of 14 October, 2015. Major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted at some hotels, department stores and restaurants.


Tipping is not a part of Chinese custom. No tipping is expected unless you are provided with extra service. It is not necessary to tip a taxi driver unless he/she assists with luggage or provides extra service.

ElectricityOrdinary Socket

The standard domestic power supply in China is 220 V AC at 50 Hz. The standard sockets are two parallel lines and three lines as shown on the right photo.

Time and Business hours

China is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Meantime. Typical business hours in government and private offices are from 8:00 to 17:00 and closed on Saturday & Sunday. Most shops and banks are open from 9:00 to 19:00 or later, and open seven days a week.


Xiamen is a subtropical coastal city. The weather in Xiamen at the end of March is usually cloudy and with rains sometimes and the temperature is between 20 to 30 C. You are recommended to have autumn dress and bring umbrella with you. Swimming in the sea can be very risky, especially when the tide is ebbing. Please do not swim in the sea.

Taxi noteS

Please take me to the (Qun Xian Gate) West Gate of Xiamen University.


Please take me to the Da Nan Gate of Xiamen University.


Please take me to the LU JIA XI Building of Xiamen University.


Please take me to the Yifu Hotel of Xiamen University.


Sentences may useful for foreign participants

Please tell me where I can take a taxi.


Please tell me where I can exchange currency.


Please clean my room.


Please help me solve the problem of Internet access in my room.


Please tell me where I can find a toilet.


Please tell me where I can make a phone call.


Please tell me where I can find a supermarket.


Please help me find someone who could speak English.



Location of Registration Place and Meeting Room in Xiamen University

Location of Registration Place and Meeting Room in Xiamen University

Location of Registration Place and Meeting Room in Xiamen University

Location of Registration Place and Meeting Room in Xiamen University

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